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Lolaville, Texas no longer exists.

In the 1940’s, it was an unincorporated community in Collin County, right at the intersection of SH 289 and Hwy 121. The residents named their town after a local schoolteacher named Lola Dunafan. Lolaville wasn’t much more than a fruit stand and some small homes.

Some residents of Frisco today can remember driving past the fruit stand before it got torn down in the early 90’s. See, they had to clear that land . . . so it could become Stonebriar Mall—which, as we know now, would become the big economic launchpad behind Frisco’s ascent to the fastest-growing city in America.

Everything has a story, if you just know where to look.

That’s the idea behind bringing Lolaville back to life. It’s not a fruit stand or a highway intersection or a forgotten town… but a place to find the uncommon objects that will bring more soul—more stories!— to your world.

You’re busy, so we’ll go story-hunting. . . and bring the nifty and needful back here for your consideration. You can always find the latest at (yep) “Latest“.