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How It Works


1.   Stuff With a Story

We’re hunting for the extraordinary. We’re not going to bring you anything mass-produced that could be had from the mall or on Amazon. (No offense to the mall or Amazon, which we still love.) Everything you find here will be one of a kind, or one of a very few.

2.   You Snooze, You Lose

The unique thing about a unique thing is that when it’s gone, it’s really gone. The chances of being able to source another one “just like it” are likely nil or small. We don’t allow “holds” (i.e. “Save that sweet fur stole for me, I swear I’ll buy it tomorrow.”) If someone beats you to an offer, you will taste the sweet tears of loss and regret.

3.   Lolavillians Get a Heads-Up

If you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll get previews or at least hints of what’s to come. Sign up for the LolaList (coming soon) and you’ll get actual previews and links to the sale.

4.   PayPal Only, Pal…

For now, all purchases must be made through PayPal. No Apple Pay, no trading a case of beer, no traveller’s cheques.

5.   …Unless You’re a Frisconian — Or At Least a DFWian

We will arrange cash-only pick-ups within 24 hours of the sale if you are within driving distance of Frisco, Texas, USA. This will save you shipping, but it will cost you the gas and tolls. Ahh, life in the Metroplex, amirite?

6.   All Sales Are Final

No sympathy here for buyer’s remorse. Now, if we promise something is 24K gold and it turns your finger green—we’ll make it right. But if you get wild-eyed and buy 12 different Fiesta pitchers from us at 2:00 am, on your quest to own all 49 colors and glazes produced since 1936 . . .  welcome to the collector’s struggle.